My name is Mattias Gadd and I live in central Örebro with my wife. I work as a music teacher and as a mentor at middle- and high school. My interests are music, travel, family & friends. I am often described by others as an ambitious and kind person, who is always close to a laughter. Through my life journey, I´ve spent time in London studying music. I have also studied pedagogy, leisure leadership and special education. 


In the summer of 2017 I bought my first system camera (SLR). Before that I was a total beginner in photography and got tired of always using the auto button. Therefore I decided to learn the basics in photography. As I progressed, people started to hire me for various photo assignments, something that was both fun and scary, especially since I saw myself as a hobby photographer at the beginning of his development.

My images has been used by Frimis Salonger, entertainment company Event4Rent, newspaper Länsposten, Show group Janssons Frestelser, portfolio for model agencies and a lots of private individuals. Ivé also studied some courses in portrait photography, studio photography and image editing. Off course I´ve also had photo assignments I wasn´t so happy about and if I got the chance to do "the same assignment aging", I´ve would have done completely different in the photo shooting. But instead of worrying about what has been, I see these experiences as an important component of my continued photography development.

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Autumn 2019

After getting some inquiries, I finally decided to take the big step to start selling prints. At the same time, I´ve also recieved a request if I would like to exhibit some 70x50 cm prints at a municipal house and also to have my own photo exhibition in january 2020, with accompanying vernissage. Exciting is just the first name. This is something I couldn´t imagine when I, as a complete newbie in photography, bought my first system camera in 2017.


    "Just want to share my joy for Mattias Gadd´s incredible job! He has done a fantastic job with our beutiful pictures and I would highly recommend him to those who want personal photos. Thank you for your dedication, cannot describe in word my joy over these amazing photos that you´ve spent your time in. Thank´s again!!" / Salwa.

    "I do not like the good, but now I find no other word. You have a fantastic ability to capture emotions in your pictures. Impressed!!!" /Liliane

    "You take so beautiful pictures, I´ll say it again. You have a fantastic eye for pictures thus. I think I´m your biggest fan!! :-) Every picture you post is like "waoo" in one way or another. You should bet big!" / Maria

    "Such a incredible nice pictures you took of our children. We are super happy and will definetly hire you several times. We sent several of our pictures to relatives and friends around the country and they were really impressed. It is really hard to believe that you haven´t photographed for a specially long time..." / Mattias

    Mattias Gadd 

    Hobbyfotograf i Örebro




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